VIDYNA57 Bass Speakers

It is not recommended to have wireless technology for everything, but this is one that should go well. SpeakTech have a new bass speaker, the VIDYNA57 at $795, which doesn’t need the usual lead to connect it to the surround amplifier. It connects wirelessly, which makes it easy to place it anywhere that you have power available. It stands to reason that the amount of information you have to send in order to define the bass line is quite a bit less than that required to describe an entire piece of music, so the wireless method should be more than adequate.

This overcomes one of the biggest issues that we have with woofer placement. All rooms treat bass differently, and due to the large waveforms involved (and their subsequent reflection off the walls, ceilings, etc), you will inevitably end up with bass nodes and nulls in the room.

For example, if a low frequency wave bounces from the wall and superimposes itself perfectly on another waveform, you will end up with a bass note approaching twice the loudness of the initial (intended) note. If the reflected wave is half a wave-length out it will effectively delete the initial waveform, leaving you with very little or no bass at that particular part of the room.

If you want to test this yourself simply walk around the room while some solid bass material is playing. Chances are you will find very noticeable variations in the loudness of the bass as you do so.

There are two ways around this. Firstly, use two (or more) bass speakers. Secondly you can physically move the woofer, so you move the nodes and nulls around the room, picking a spot where you get the best results while in your listening position.

This is where the problem starts. Try moving the woofer from its existing spot and invariably you will find that the cable between the woofer and the receiver is not long enough, needs to drape across a doorway etc. While you still need to get power to the VIDYNA57, removing the signal cables certainly makes moving it a lot easier.

The VIDYNA57 is a downward-firing 12″/268mm speaker (with about 82 percent of that being the effective piston area) with a 210w amplifier. The VIDYNA57 is a great and very convenient bass speaker, within the restrictions imposed by its price of $795 (there are not many ‘wired’ bass speakers out there at this price which would better it).

Digi Kicker Plus

On the other hand, if you are looking at a no hang the cost solution, have a look at SpeakTech’s new Digi Kicker (DK) “Plus” series, which are priced from $3995 for the 12″/268mm model up to $6995 for the 22″/513mm model.

With these advanced bass speakers you are getting not just superior amplifiers, extra-heavy cabinets and super-strength speakers, but very smart electronics which allow the bass speaker’s EQ to be fine-tuned to suit the acoustics of the room. The analysis and correction tools are inbuilt, allowing either Auto or Manual adjustment to specific frequency bands, with the results graphed in real time on your computer or big screen. Simple to use, and very effective, this technology will help equalize the woofer to the particular position, taking into account your room’s responses and the output of the other loudspeakers in the system.

Couple this with copious amounts of power (1,340 watts RMS), dual tandem voice coils, massive magnet structures (the total weight of the DK22 is 62kg), and reinforced cones — and you have a very fight, fast, dynamic, low (the DK22 boasts a low frequency response of 12Hz +/- 6Db) impressive product.

Audio Event website stated that the DK 12 “…elevate bass sound replication as much as the mach 1 airplane improved flying”, and Audio People Awards stated “The DK-22 is low, unreal, hair-raising, and above everything, amazingly beautiful”. If you have not felt the gorgeous solid bass these speakers deliver, we highly recommend that you should try.